We at Inside Ouut have always excelled in providing our valuable clients with in house utilities and support functions by providing quality support services of housekeeping/cleaning/repairs/maintenance


Mechanized Housekeeping for Keeping Your Facility Up and Going.Mechanized housekeeping services include everything from dusting and moping to cleaning of floors, window panels, glasses, floor scrubbing, floor polishing ,vacuum cleaning, machine cleaning and maintenance, pest control and fumigation in an apt manner.


Steam Cleaning vs Shampooing Carpet. Shampoo has a lubricating agent to protect the carpet from the strong brushes of the machine which agitate the foam. Shampooing carpets has certain disadvantages, because the sticky shampoo residue left after cleaning sometimes actually attracts more dirt which is counter-productive


This is very innovative idea of cleaning chairs which is not known to many. Compared to its cost of purchase, the cleaning cost is very less. For any stains on upholstery, we use to hide it with some cover, now by shampooing/cleaning professionally, your trouble & money is saved. Highly trained staff does this work with optimum quality & FDA approved cleaning agents and equipment's. We have technically skilled staff to do small as well as major repairs to your chairs & sofas at very competitive prices. We carry out these services ensuring that these are in conformation with the industry quality parameters. These services can be availed for cleaning all types of furniture items, which includes: Perforated chairs Ergonomic chairs Auditorium chairs Woody series Office chair Revolving chairs Leather office chairs Draftsman chairs Visitor/staff chairs Cafeteria chairs Designer chair Manager chairs Computer chairs Intensive use chair


Upholstery Cleaning. ... Our upholstery cleaning services are strong enough to clean the deepest stains, and our upholstery cleaner is gentle enough not to damage furniture and safe for your entire family.Like any other household item, your sofa becomes coated with dust and dirt over time. Regular shampooing is a must to maintain an attractive appearance, especially for sofas with light-colored upholstery. ... Shampoo sofas with a carpet cleaning machine or an aerosol upholstery cleaner. We Are Provides Quality Service For Every Type Of Carpet, Sofa & Chair Cleaning. We Believe In Quality Services Achieved By Mechanized Cleaning Like Vacuum Machine & Blower, etc. Carpet Cleaning Includes- Carpet Shampooing Using Cleaning Solution & Hand Brush, Wet Vacuuming Post Shampooing For Removing Dirt & Blow Drying. Vacuum any dirt off of your chair. Remove any remaining dirt with warm soap and water. It is often that chairs get damaged during their tenure in an office. We simply do not clean the chairs but also add protective polishes to them so as to increase their longevity.


We recommend using clean water or Claridge 683 Board Cleaner. The best method for cleaning is to use water or liquid cleaner, rub briskly, and then. wipe the surface dry with a soft cotton cloth.


Blinds are fancy curtains. This includes all types of blinds viz- vertical, roller, roman etc. We have solution for everything. To meet the varied requirements of our clients, we are engaged in rendering services for Cleaning & Repairing of Vertical Blinds. These laundering services are carried out by trained professionals with utmost care. Moreover, we also offer installation of new blinds to our clients at highly affordable prices. Besides services for vertical blinds, we also offer cleaning and repairing services for:
Window Treatments, Custom, Wood Blinds, Shutters, Shades, Pleated Shades, Stock, Horizontal blinds, Aluminum Blinds, Drapes, 2" & 1" Blinds


Marble Polishing is a very skilled process that can only be done by professionally trained technicians. In order to have marble floors successfully polished, to engage with a professional marble cleaning company is the best option.Crystallization (also known as re-crystallization or vitrification) is a method of creating a gloss on calcium bearing stone floors such as marble, limestone, and travertine.Below is a discussion of what crystallization is and how it differs in process from that of using oxalic acid to chemically polish stone floors. Crystallization creates a microfilm on the surface of marble which is more solid and durable and helps to preserve the colour and brightness of marble. Durability as the surface of the stone has been chemically altered to calcium fluoro silicate which has higher durability and less porous.